I do not consider myself” a writer” yet. (I do not yet make any kind of living our of writing!)  I am just a retired academic (engineering professor) and scientist (NASA) with a rich, itinerant past, and a life-long interest in creative writing. When it comes to writing I’m more the student than the professor.

My writing experience thus far has been mainly scientific/professional: I have over 200 such scholarly publications to my name.

I also have some non-scientific work, three published books, and one as yet unpublished collection of short stories:

1. Seeing the World in Black-&-White (2006): an account of my peripatetic, early days;
2. A Potemkin Paradise (2007): a commentary on recent US foreign policy.                                   
3.  Preying Mantis (The Story of Tarissa); just published this month, it has scored.
4. Thirty-odd short stories written after the two books (not yet offered for publication).
5-star  review ratings almost across the board. SEE “BOOKS” PAGE ON THIS BLOG SITE.

You may see my books etc. under different pen names because my parents gave me so many names!

My nom de plume for Preying Mantis is “Lyn Thomas.” (My first name is Linus but my closest friends call me Lyn; my full surname is Thomas-Ogbuji.)

Here’s what Nigeria’s current doyenne of the literary scene had to say about my first book:

Comments by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Saturday 24 November 2007 ):

“Last Christmas I was in my ancestral hometown, Abba in Nigeria, and over two dry harmattan evenings I sat out on the veranda and read Linus Ogbuji’s memoir Seeing the World in Black and White (Africa Research and Publications), which charts his early idyllic years in Nigeria, university education in Egypt and emigration to the US. It was funny, honest and unaffected. I loved it.”