Syria and North Korea may not pan out for us: one found a powerful protector; the other is now crouched, unyielding, matching us snarl-for-snarl, roar-for-roar with a ferocity that gives us pause. But no matter, we will find another country to invade: you can bet on it. Venezuela? Iran? Who knows? Predation is so much in our blood that even Obama, who came to power with a pacific manifesto, blew our last chance for peaceful greatness and ended up as much a warmonger as any predecessor. Now we have a caveman administration lacking the smarts to do anything remotely constructive—except building a wall.

But why is fighting foreign wars now the sole ambition of the USA? Well, you have no doubt heard from the pundits (US and world) that present consumption rates of the world’s resources are not sustainable. In other words, not every family in the world can aspire to 1-acre homes, with four-six cars and 65-inch TV sets… like Norte Americanos.

The USA constitutes 4.2% of the world’s population and comprises 9% of the land area; Russia is comparable but a bit sparser, with 3.3% of the population & occupying 11% of the land area; and China’s 23% of the population occupies 6% of the land area. Now, the USA consumes 29.5% of the world’s energy resources while China comes second at 20%; Russia is way down at 5.5%. On a per capita or per unit area basis, then, US consumption soars way off the charts. (Those stats are from research & survey reports available on the net.)

So, next time you see those cock-&-bull justifications for our endless predatory wars in foreign lands (“WMD,” “chemical/biological weapons,” “ethnic cleansing,” “civilization,” “democracy,” “evil empire,” “axis of evil,” “terrorism,” “human rights,” etc.) don’t be misled: just remember the figures above. An addict stops at nothing to satisfy their craving: not begging, prostitution, robbery or even murder. That’s why we fight so much all over the globe. The long and short of it is that we just covet other people’s share of the bounties of the earth!  We gotta have it!!! And by “we” I don’t mean just our government! Trump is a transient. We must look in the mirror.