Soon there will be nothing left of me or of you but our names. Your name survives you. Guard it zealously.

The loss of gold is much
The loss of time is more
The loss of honor is such
As no one can restore.

Looking back from the waning afternoon of my life, it has been a good life.

I’ve run four interesting careers (soldier, academic, scientist, and administrator) and seen life from diverse vantage points on three continents. I am blessed with three accomplished sons and their fourteen children (14 bright stars in my cosmos!). Ours is a literary-minded family of engineers (except my youngest son who started off in engineering but veered off into accounting). So we are dilettante dabblers into the discipline of English language, but none-the-less serious amateurs: My oldest son is the author of a book of poetry, Ndewo Colorado, which won a 2014 Colorado book award; and he edits a journal of poetry. His younger brother has a comfortable portfolio of professional and scientific publications.

Because we are a literary-minded family, our discussions sometimes devolve around the vagaries of English language, which, for historical reasons is our family’s Lingua Franca. My two middle careers involved frequent written communications with the scientific world community (which yielded a harvest of nearly 200 scientific publications). My four published books chronicle the salient points and views of my life; my first novel, Preying Mantis, has won eight awards for excellence in the USA, in 2015 & 2016.

Yes, we are curious about the forms of English written and spoken in this adoptive country of ours in which I have lived longer than the combined total of my adult years in other countries (and in which my children were born and raised). As time goes by, some of that curiosity should be evident on this site.

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